Echo Indigo DJx on Ubuntu Linux

Few days ago I ordered an Echo Indigo DJx audio card from Amazon. It’s an expressCard device with 4 analog outputs – just perfect for a digital DJ. I used to own one few years ago and had a very good experience with it. It’s pretty much flawless – just two lowlatency stereo outputs – all you need to use your laptop for a DJ situation.

Well, guess what? It’s just works. Out of the box. I plugged it in and it was instantly available as an alsa device. The only thing that I had to do to get some sound from it was to install alsa-tools-gui package in run “echomixer” and lift all levels for virtual mixer 0. Now onto “mixxx”.

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  1. also helpful is to have firmware tools:

  2. with some later versions of ubuntu (Ubuntu Studio 12.04/Precise here), hotplugging of pciexpress cards does not work until you load acpiphp module:

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