Milton Glaser

“… the role of design is not to persuade, it’s to inform. I believe that deeply. And that if you try to persuade people to do something that is against their best interest, you’re doing something that is selfish, pigheaded, stupid, and ultimately destructive.”

“We must admit that the guiding force is money, profitability, and selfishness—otherwise you couldn’t explain what’s going on in the world. And in an attempt to act against this, you have to feel that you’re in the same boat as everybody else. And people don’t feel that way at the moment. They feel that everyone is in their own boat.”

“When you draw something, you have to pay attention to it, and that means you have to be attentive. And being attentive is the only way to understand what is real, because most of us, as you know, walk through life asleep. Drawing is an instrument for changing that state of mind.”

“I do have this idea, I really have to say this, that everything is accessible at once. That the entire universe is in everybody’s brain, and there’s nothing we don’t know about everything.”


30 Patreon secrets to success

Do it consistently. Mean it every time. Love it, and never force it.” –Flight Chops

“Stop waiting to make the perfect thing — what you can release this week will always beat what you dream of releasing next year”. –Mike McHargue (Science Mike)

Be consistent in releasing your creations. Content is king. Do it because you love what you do, not because you think it’ll make you a million dollars.  Happiness = Reality – Expectations” –Stuart Yoshida (Ooktown)

“Think long term. Things might not happen overnight for most of us, but if you’re in it for long term, things will probably go exponential.” –Cuckoo

Be dedicated. Life as a creator can be really tough to be honest, so many people give up and leave their dreams behind. I’ve been holding onto my dream as a media creator for over 12 years and if I ever gave up, I wouldn’t never have had the opportunity to say ‘I made that,’ nor would I have met other cool creators. One of the greatest feelings is seeing your imagination come to life and it opens so many windows to an amazing future! Always keep your old work too, no matter how bad you think it is, it shows how you’ve improved and tells the story of where you began and what made you, you today.” –Mindstorm Productions

“Channel your creativity into something you’re passionate about — don’t just create something to please others or to gain views. That won’t get you anywhere you want to go, and isn’t nearly as rewarding. There are a million creators out there, but only one you… so create what only you can.” –Amanda Lee (LeeAndLie)

“Try to convey the pure sense of joy you get from creating. Let people know there’s always room on your team. Encourage interaction, suggestions, and feedback.”-Tim (Table To Paudio)

“Create, create, create! Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Improvement will come through iteration, practice, and persistence.” –Dr. Kiki Sanford (This Week In Science)

Do the work, build the community, then ask for money. Don’t get the order wrong.” –Patrick Beja (RDVTech)

“Create. Create all the time and keep releasing stuff, even the stuff you aren’t proudest of. Keep that flow of information and creativity going and you will find yourself constantly needing to create. The constant flow also attracts more attention. People show up to experience your creations and the act of creating.” –Dyson Logos

“Don’t expect money to roll in until you’ve established a loyal fan base (by creating consistent quality content).” –Gregor Czaykowski (Loading Artist)

“Despite what it might look like from the outside, being serious about content creation is much more about staying true to the content and much less about trying to please your audience. If you are under the impression that being ‘serious’ means tweaking so that everyone’s happy, then you’re missing the point.” -Anon

“Just do it — keep creating and sharing.” –Cassy Fry

“I’ve met people who have stressed out for days, weeks, months or years over how to make their first video absolutely perfect. Well let me tell you a little secret. It never will be! The only way to get better at something is to do it over and over, again and again. So just accept that your first video won’t be the best. Your second will be better, and your third even better. It’s all upwards from there! So if you’re serious about creating… Get creating!” –John Atkins (Uke Teacher)

“Know your audience.” –Max Vaehling

Do it often because you love it and there is little else that brings you more joy. Listen to feedback and make adjustments as you see fit, but always understand that it’s your work and you have final say. Trust your instincts.”  –Daniel Anderson

“Make the content you would want to watch!” -Anon

“Bank plenty of material! I find it’s important to release material regularly to keep patrons engaged, so I have a backlog of recordings & videos I can draw on when I’m too busy to make something new.” –Carsie Blanton

Be patient, be disciplined, be productive, and don’t be shy about promoting yourself.” –Anna Landin

“Make time to work and just do it. Keep working and trying to improve instead of worrying that your work isn’t good enough.” -Tait

“Only create what you enjoy creating, you need to have fun and love what you doing or it won’t work out. Keep consistent, don’t let dislikes or haters get to you. Pay attention to the ones who love what you do.” -ParamoreMike

Invest, be patient, reach out to other creators for help. Share the love and build a community.” -Laura Brouwers (Cyarin)

“More than anything, don’t give up. I know that sounds super generic and wishy-washy but it’s true. Content creation is hard work, and sometimes in the dank hours of 2 AM it feels like nobody but you cares about what you do. But guess what? There are people out there who love what you do but probably haven’t heard of you yet! Get out there and let them know about your passion for making orchestral soundtracks using a spatula, xylophone and several kinds of mason jars, or whatever it is you do!” –Jessica Vandyk

Be the #1 fan of your own work!” –Junk

“Engage with your community as best you can, but don’t beat yourself up when your community grows too large for you to engage with everyone.” -Anon

“Stop giving your stuff away for free. Let people in on your process.” –Ian Durias

“Produce work, share it, and don’t get down if it seems you’re throwing it into the void at times. Do what you enjoy in a way that doesn’t make you cease to enjoy it any longer.”  –Tallulah Cunningham

“Start creating what you love, and release, release, release. Properly tag your work and be sure to tag related artists, songs, etc. Casting a wide net will bring in people who may love your work that otherwise would not have discovered it.” –Luke McQuillan

Stay true to your heart, create with love and passion. The rest happens through that.” –Nate Maingard