notes on hypersexualised/pornified programming of male (and female) mind

Warning: this is mainly short brainstorm about possible future projects. And it’s nothing new. Isn’t it?

Perhaps Crucial Pink & Interface Fractures IV projects can hold hands at the research question: how to realy deal with programming of male mind that creates an addiction to pornography or with lesser effect at least to sexist imagery of hypersexualized female bodies? How do survive it, re-program that male mind, without resorting to denial and repression of desire and/or pleasure?

Does Foucault understanding of pleasure give any clues? Do Deleuze&Guattari’s philosophies of desire?

Personally I see a way of creative/artistic exploration of these issues through queer-ing of male body. Accepting the desire/pleasure of female dresses, underwear, as part of performing a wierd queer subjectivity through live-art sound and video… writing, finding words of pleasure and containment, of enprisonment of one male’s desire and pleasure into pre-shaped images, clips, fetishes.

This is recurring and ongoing. It has to be faced and explored and expressed somewhat.