What If SenseStage notes/log [sept 2014]

With a new system (Ubuntu Studio 14.04.1, 64bit) suddenly the SenseStage didn’t want to run. Especially the ./run_local.sh script was giving me pain. It turned out the culprit was virtualenv which had to be setup anew. Since I’m not fluent in python and/or virtualenv it took me a while, but thanks to online community (stackoverflow.com, virtualenv.readthedocs.org) I managed to fix it:

backup old virtualenv:

install a systemwide virtualenv tool:

create a new virtual environment:

copy some packages into new environment:

don’t forget to re-install pyOSC:

plug the controler bee, make it (/dev/ttyUSB0) accessible:
either add user to group dialout

or change permissions (temporarily):

run the controller script run_local.sh in ~/src/SenseStageLeben/transmittance/minibee

Troubles with SuperCollider

Due to change of system, a LADSPA plugin for SC was not found. Had to compile it.