The Invisible Body Of Space

The Invisible Body Of Space webcover final The Invisible Body of Space album presents music created for dance performance with the same title. It was this year’s Avant-Première event – an annual final production of the SVŠGL, Arts High School Ljubljana, which gives the students an organised opportunity to enter and (pre)experience performing on professional stages. The starting point for Pre-Première ’14: The Invisible Body of Space was an important theoretical study The poetics of Contemporary Dance written by Laurence Louppe.

written and produced by Nova deViator & Matjaž Predanič, except track 2 and 4 written by Octa Push and remixed by Nova deViator.

Tracks 2 and 4 owe most of their appeal to the melody and beat written by Octa Push, so give back, support them and buy their records:

cover by Tina Ivezić

available as digital download (name your price)

1. Nova deViator – Izčrpavanje
2. Octa Push – Please, Please, Please (deViator Remake)
3. Nova deViator – Kids Of Shostakovich
4. Octa Push – Please, Please, Please (deViator Drumake)
5. Matjaž Predanič – 4h Sistem
6. Matjaž Predanič – 2h
7. Matjaž Predanič – 4h Uvod
8. Matjaž Predanič – 1h
9. Matjaž Predanič – 4h Organizem

some rights reserved under the licence “Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike” (CC BY-SA 2.5)

media support: Radio Študent, Ljubljana
a 2014 Emanat production –