driver 1

Far from being a ‘real’ skeleton as planned, this is an audio part – one pattern (with a bit of simple intro), four bars long draft without structure really. Whipped together in two early morning hours.

Not sure about the main bass kickdrum (the squelching sound becomes a bit annoying after a while, perhaps I’ll roll my own later). The slowly wobling sound have other beat-synced intervals ready to be played with – so a lot of development still possible.

Vacation & work: skeletons

After a somewhat rough week of camping in Italy, we’re now settled in a heavenly house in Rovinj for a good 14 days. As opposed to camping week, I now have digital devices with me – including a laptop, headphones, a soundcard, even a microphone, camera and portable recorder. And as time[line] is pressing on, I tried to work out a plan how to create more material for our (Wanda & Nova deViator) upcoming album.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the right way, but here’s one approach: for next two weeks I’ll try to produce everyday some kind of musical sketch, which I call a ‘skeleton’. It’s not just a few bars of a possible tune, but a longer draft with slightly more developed structures. Basic elements should be there:

  • a beat,
  • a bassline,
  • a melody.

But also at least three parts in time-structure:

  • pattern A
  • a solo or bridge or breakdown/rest part
  • pattern B

Pattern A can later serve as some kind verse, and pattern B as some kind of refrain – but I’m really not inclined to follow basic songs rules – so this might happen or not necessarily.

Additional guidelines include:

  • odd time signatures
  • focus on polyrhythmic inter-play

I hope to post some audio snippets in next few days.

Making guide & Arp Arp Arp!

Yesterday I managed to whip together a kinda nice running melody and a bit of harmonization to it. This is another draft towards a pool of possible starting points for actual tracks.


… and, I created a list of, well, conceptual starting points for work on this project, some kind of guidelines:





And, as an added bonus, this is something I made a week ago, inspired by Echer, Bach’s canons (via Hofstadter) and Shepard tone. It’s more of a proof of concept, experimenting if it’s possible to create circular chord progressions that end up where they started without ever turning back. The track below goes through all 12 minor chords two times without ever sounding (too) strange.

Three drafts for Polyrhythmachine

As Wanda & Nova deViator we are preparing a new album (and performance) at the end of the year. So, the process has already started. I’ve been trying to create some additions to my library of sounds, especially bass, drumkits and some wobble handmade presets. Today came three very short drafts out of a longer Renoise session. These are meant to be sketches to be used later, when some concrete material for vocal work come out, and these drafts will be then expanded and worked upon further into something much more coherent and meaningful.

work in progress: Mermaid

Been struggling for quite some time now (2 weeks or 3 months, depends on how you look at it) with an 5-track EP called “Image Snatchers“. However I managed to come to the conclusion of first track. I’m not 100% about the length, and I also feel it needs some more sophisticated ambience in some background, little crafty details here and there, some kind of crackliness on some stretches. I hope I will have time to polish it.