Maja Delak: Shame @ APT

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There is one moment in Maja Delak’s Shame that, at least for me, completely overshadows everything else: a young woman, completely naked, wrapped up in a semitransparent piece of cloth, is climbing down the ladder, but something, anything is constantly in her way, making it impossible for her to take the most logical path. She ends up on the floor, exhausted and caught between the ladder, the sheet, hairdryer/microphone cables, an actual green bike and other stuff, I guess. The metaphor is ingenious – and performed brilliantly by Ingrid Berger Mhyre. There is something there. I mean – there is something in this theatre that is almost tactile, a certain fusion with time, with that which is this Now here, a certain translation without the finishing touch and with quite a few meanders. But there is a certain point, dense and flickering, full of this Now that – and this is really great – simply can’t go unnoticed.
Posted on Facebook by Anja Golob, 14.11.2013


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