Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers / Tatovi podob

Event Details

A mute comedy of the body that mocks the rigidity of social roles, human self-sufficiency, pretension. Performativity of the body in the gaps between silence and sound, shyness and excess, commonness and bizarre humour. Travesty of body and spirit as a sociopolitical liberation.

Technoburlesque is an intersection of (programme/cybernetic) code and subjectivity; a laying bare of the physical and emotional body indivisibly bound up with the information matrix of contemporaneity.

“I am riddled with ambivalence. I am both the rule and its exception, the law and its outcast, the doctor and the hysteric, I cannot be one without the other. I do not reject the images that consume me. I become them.” (Mady Schutzman)


Creators and performers:
Feminalz: Crucial Pink, Mad Jakale, Mathilde Buns, Tristan Bargeld, Frau Strapatz, H.P.D. (hormonal perturbator in decay)
Guests: Cica-San
Costumes: Urška Recer
Make-up: Tina Prpar (Tinka Pobalinka)
Glasba: Nova deViator
Video: WNDV
Texts: Saša Rakef, Frau Strapatz
Design: Saša Kerkoš
Production: Saša Rakef


Produkcija: Emanat
In collaboration: Klub Gromka, Maska
Thanks: Projekt Atol
Financially supported: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana

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