ArpArp at 90%

It was somewhat long Sunday in the studio, and I’m excited. It was a new experience writing a track with a ‘synth player’ in mind – how will she play this or that preset, how much time there is to change a program on the instrument and the fact that there is only three octaves on a keyboard (google:microKorg). The track feels very confident in its almost electro sound. I’m imagining it to work well on a dance floor. I like the kind of tight robotic funk of it. There are number of details to be done and fixed: many transitions seem still imprecise, perhaps even hasty, there’s some dynamics to be taken care of (I’d like that velocities – volumes – of hihats vary and change in time), the bassline that comes in second half of the track is all but acceptable, but all in all this seems to be at 90%, and that means I can pretty much start focusing on next track.

The deadlines are looming in, I pretty much need to finish minimum 8 songs till November 1st.


download arp-arp-141005.ogg

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