Cerebral Space

A short one-hour session this morning. I experimented with ring modulator on bass wobble, also with high-pass filter that at some point removes the “bottom end”. Plus some reverberation on that wobble. Poly-rhythms coming out as the wobble just continues to oscilate at 3/4 and after three patterns (12 bars) it comes back to its original place. On the beat-side, I like the space in-between the various elements (no constant high-hat ride, etc) and the glitchy parts seem quite nice. The spaciousness and the low-end focus gives it some kind of “cerebral” feel.

I’m still on the level of short sketches, no structure yet. It seems like I’m afraid to proceed or lack a real block of time within which I could dive into time-structure (development, breakdowns, etc). And, waiting for lyrics.

Vacation-time-spending just forcibly takes priority.

What do you think about these sketches? Comment below or reply.

download cerebral space [140806] renoise module