Five to the one & A Boza A Boza

After last post things got pretty intense in Rovinj with all the kids running around and stuff, plus, suddenly we’ve been left without internet for a couple of days. We are now back in Ljubljana, trying to establish a work routine and moving forward in search of words, utterances, letters, sentences, images, mental ambiences… It’s not easy to change a place and find balance quickly enough in order to continue work. But today I came up with two more drafts.

The “5 toys to the 1” track started with “regular” bass melody on every beat, with 5 notes repeating. Since 3 repetition makes 15 beats and not 16, I shortened the pattern to these 15 beats and also created 5 beats as a basic measure (bar?) and created a beat to that. Here’s a result with two variations of a beat.


“A Boza A Boza” is something going more into a mellow direction. This is very sketchy and I’m not sure how it will develop and transform in the future (if it will be used at all).


We had a little discussion today about if these sketches/drafts have their intensities to the max. The thing is, when I’m starting with some idea then it’s mostly play, trying things out. And I frequently ‘max’ things out, throw layer upon layer, remove some of them and then go on. But it’s important to understand that these sketches will change considerably once it is more clear how many elements there are (vocals! live synth! etc) and what happens in the time-structure.

both tracks in renoise xrns sources in a zip: 5toys_a_boza