Rudi Rudi: Hardmcslain

I wrote a quick track for slovenian ‘mixtape label/community’ INN KICK run by Žiga Murko. This is in instrumental hip-hop style and is out under my instrumental hiphop oriented moniker “Rudi Rudi” under which I already wrote an album back 2006. So, if you like the track below check the album here: (I’ve been thinking to re-issue it on Kamizdat someday).

INN KICK works through a private facebook group, where producers are challenged with a sample pack (collection of samples) every month or so. There are no strict rules on style (I guess “electronic” is good enough) or the way the samples are used. After the deadline the tracks are collected from producers and mixed by a guest producer/DJ into a mixtape (it’s basicaly a seamless mix of tracks) and published online (SoundCloud). This time, the sample pack was a collection of tracks from Die Hard (movies/game).

You can check INN KICK releases here: (the mixtapes are called BLUNTS).

Backstage subscribers can listen to my contribution here:


rudi rudi: hardmcslain