Turns Me On EP progress report #1

Today I continue to work on the “original mix” (the title track of the EP, as distingished from planned ‘extended club dub’ remix and perhaps an alternative version). I’m working in Renoise and partly enjoying it, partly it is tedious. My task today is to ’embelish’ the vocal with different small announcements, reverberations, and echos. During a work process this feels like a curious mix of creative inspiration and tediousness. I’m going in and falling out of “the flow”. I’m using timeboxing (pomodoro technique). Here’s what I have at 10:58:


I hope to finish these details in a few hours, perhaps improve the intro and ‘climax’/conclusion of the track so I can move on to alternative version and, of course, the video (deadline is 1.may, but that’s a bit unrealistic).

Screenshot - 21. 04. 2016 - 11:05:35