Patreon update on Entropy EP

I wrote this update for my patrons on Patreon few days ago.

Ola dearest patrons!

Well, our April Goal turned into a May Goal. Which means I’m still working on these three tracks to finalize audio for Entropy EP, and I have moved the release date to 31st of May.

You know releasing a “record” is not just finishing it production-wise, so there’s all kinds of other activities and arrangments to be done around it. Blargh, executive production, you can call it.

Among other things, there’s a design for the webcover and the CDr cover in the works – I’m going with that same hexagram format as for the Albatross EP – and the amazing 5237 aka Stella Ivšek is working on it. attached above is an early draft graphics for it. Mastering will be done by my good friend Igor Vuk of the BeatMyth fame (he mixed and mastered both Wanda & Nova deViator albums and released latest album on our Kamizdat netlabel too!).

We are organising a little clubnight event – launching an almost-monthly series called “Kamizdat Rentgen”. The first one will be dedicated to Entropy and will feature Gašper Torkar and possibly “Ninas” from Warrego Valles (TBC) and myself behind the decks in a renovated but still the smallest of Ljubljana’s nightclubs – “Klub Monokel”! The date is 2/June.

Oh, and in other news: at the end of April there was a release of a collaborative project connected to Mastodon decentralized network that worked under #MusicCollab hashtag called “A Whale’s Lantern“. I already wrote about it in the last update so check the final ‘Alchemist Dream’.