SuperCollider in 2020

I’ve been working more and more in SuperCollider this year. What follows is a couple of things I’ve done lately and some interesting resources I came across recently.

I tried in October with #looptober, but I couldn’t find time one way or another, but there came #noisevember and this works – to a degree. It’s a commitment to make some sort of sound-noise-music recording everyday and post them to your social network (where tags work), but if it’s not everyday, it’s alright too, and if it’s a blog, that’s fine too. No hard rules here. So I managed to make number of SuperCollider patches and posted video recordings and code. Here’s the #noisevember 2020 thread on my mastodon: Each toot has a link to source code on my git. See more:,

At the end of October I played an online AV version of my Rhizosphere project/composition for an online event (but also in Tel Aviv), and the video is here: YouTube, PeerTube,

A discourse forum for SuperCollider community at is very friendly and great place. I’ve got number of questions answered from kind people there and therefore learned a lot. And there’s a community section at