Interface Fractures III: Silicon log #1

These days I started some work on a new chapter of my audio-visual series called “Interface Fractures”.

Bought a new graphic card – Nvidia-based GTX960.
Also a fullHD multitouch screen is here for exploitation in next couple of years.

SuperCollider for multitouch

Somebody (Scott Cazan) on the supercollider-users list mentioned a fork of SuperCollider with multitouch support (which will be included in main with 3.8 release). I cloned git fork from Cazan’s github, installed build dependencies, couple of twiddles, and compilation went through.


move to a place with source code etc…:

get the code from cazan’s github repository:

Ubuntu Studio 14.04.1 needs some tweaking of libs: since jack2 is installed, specific dev lib for that particular jack needs to be installed otherwise your jack will be uninstalled when we’ll install build-dependencies from official SuperCollider

install qt5 libs for new GUI fun

there’s also a missing dependency of udev

install build dependencies

go to where your SuperCollider sources are,

update some missing libs/submodules from repo

cmake complained about some missing GL libs (either mess by mesa or nvidia), so this was necessary:

make a build folder and enter it


compilation, -j4 is so that it uses 4 cores

installation system-wide:

does it work? run it

Testing: it does work with multitouch! But not all of the widgets.

Seems like the MT-enabled GUI elements can be seen by looking at changes of the code:

Not working:

Q: how to perform CTRL drag-drop?