Came back to Jitakami research today. It was not easy to consolidate two+ missed months, to throw away a stale plan and try to understand what is realistically possible to do in 4 weeks left for the RAGLAIN/AUTOCOM installation that will be put on on 21th June at Kapelica Gallery.

I returned to some basic questions: what is A.I.?

I think that I made mistake by exploring artificial intelligence with a course in machine learning. Although currently that seems as one of more popular areas in industrial application of machine intelligence it’s by far not the only one. I actually have a bit of problem – I feel forced to work on intelligence of the input part of the system while output is not yet by far constructed. In that sense I am somehow concluding today that algorithmic nature of the system producing intelligent form of (musical/visual) output can easily be termed as some form of A.I.

What is a basic goal of Jitakami System? In essence it is to be a new kind of instrument, to produce music in form of songs, compositions, tracks in certain or different styles and aesthetics. Enough variables should be controlled by algorithms so to produce generative material which appears intelligently (with feeling and style) put together.

I think once I have that I can work on different ways of control: by a programmer via textual input, by an operator via graphical UI, by audience of an exhibition via touch screen, or by another A.I. which did some learning from different media: midi and/or recordings.

I studied all that and tried to discover a suitable map for the next month. I hope to layout a rudimentary specification for some kind of ‘playing’ system with which I can start and than iterate on in SuperCollider. Next week (in couple of days) I have to decide on physical form the installation will take. It’s difficult to think about that at this point. I feel I have nothing, no output or even concept to lean on.

There are also no news from Ministry of Culture on stipend. It would be good to get it, but that would mean the study plan outlined there should be changed. But even if the answer will be negative, this project has quite a decent budget between Emanat and Kapelica/Kersnikova.