Last two weeks:

  • visited Rob in Maribor, had long discussion about different solutions, ideas… [190522]
  • fruitful and constructive meeting with Kapelica team [190523]
  • ordered hardware (2x computer monitors, 1x computer system with Nvidia graphics)
  • checked the cover/cocoon for the installation at Kapelica. looks nice, black and acoustically dampened. Made plans with Jure about how to proceed [190531]
  • picked up two screens from Mlacom. One multi-touch screen (1920×1080) + another wide and curved screen (2560×1080). Both Dell. setup in studio, connected to already working prak system. Testing SuperCollider and Processing functionalities. [190531] That was progress.

I’m frustrated with that minimum of progress. I think I have redefined the concept well to give me space to express different things not through a technicist realisation but through poetic machinic aesthetics. But this still has not motivated me enough to push it further in terms of actual code to see the end of it. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say there’s considerable amount of shame attached to current processes.