Good news! I got a small working stipend from cultural ministry. The main requirement is to follow my plan and (I think) submit a report at the end. Work/study must not be focused on a final product. Inevitably I am creating project in the same area and direction so the upcoming piece “INTELLIGENCE IS WHATEVER MACHINES HAVEN’T DONE YET” for exhibition at Kapelica gallery is more or less connected to this research. I will need to reschedule the working plan from spring to fall.

I’m excited but also scared. There is a lot of work ahead of me. (Isn’t that chearful?!) The commision also said that my position in my concept in the application for the working stipend is slightly technophobic. First that got me a bit furious, but after some thinking it might appear so, especially at times when I fail to express my attitude clearly enough. I cannot blame someone to mistake critical though (critical engineering) about technology as technophobic. I will mull over this for a while now.

In my research I want to do more learning about programming and technologies behind computational creativity. A.I. is part of that but not in kind of absolutist overwhelming dominating way. So I want to do online courses, I want to do reading, and I still think interviews and working visits / research travels are also a smart thing to do. I think it would be smart to go over this rescheduling after the exhibition on thursday.

Regarding this work for IN.I.WHA.MA.HA.D.Y (ini_whama_hady?) there are two possible directions in this pressuring timeframe – either I try to perfect sound first and then work on other parts or first try to create basic connections (GUI <-> SC <-> VIS), make them work as proof of concept, then find as much material as possible (video clips, audio recordings), insert all the materials and then work on bringing everything together to some barely decent level that I’m not too ashamed of?

  • sync GUI <-> SC <-> VIS – basic functionality
  • collect material from the web: videos, audio:speeches, images
  • prepare material and bring them into the system (basic players)
  • audio drones
  • distorted beats
  • visual manipulations of video and images (use Jit.2018)
  • GUI control and visual improvement