Today I’m working on creating a Git project, currently on Gitlab.com (I wish I would make it on my own virtual server using YUNOHOST+Gitlab CE), trying to breakdown the huge octopus with all the tentacles leading to different directions. Also it makes sense to create issues that tie in Milestones and a TODO list automatically.

I feel Jitakami could be this great piece of software, and instrument that could enchance not only my own performing practice, but others’ as well. It could attract other developers.

But it’s also something that could/will work in the background of couple of more personal artistic projects. It is actually those artistic projects that I want to use to really start with a foundation of Jitakami. This pre-phase is what makes it all confusing. I should perhaps think how to separate art projects from the software itself.

Today I really want to define a very simple prototype that I want to reach in next few days. At the same time I’m pressured to work on the art-piece for exhibition that happens in few weeks.

(originally written in markdown as part of git project at https://gitlab.com/lukap/jitakami/)