supercollider: deb package from git with checkinstall

Follow instructions how to build and install supercollider from git here:, but instead of final make install, use checkinstall (apt install checkinstall):

$ sudo checkinstall -D -t=debian --install=no --pkgname=supercollider --pkgversion=3.10.0-0your_name make install

You’ll end up with a .deb file in that current build folder. Install it with gdebi:

$ sudo gdebi supercollider_3.10.0-0lallafa-1_amd64.deb

Prevent apt from ever upgrading your package by creating a file called “preferences” in /etc/apt folder, and put in:

Package: /supercollider/
Pin: release *
Pin-Priority: -1

EDIT 20200311:

My last iteration of this is (change the pkgversion apropriately!):

sudo checkinstall -D --pkgname=supercollider --pkgversion=1:3.10.3-deviant200109 --backup=no --install=no --nodoc -y --replaces=supercollider,supercollider-common,supercollider-ide,supercollider-language,supercollider-server,supercollider-supernova

And if you also compile sc3-plugins you can use it similarly:

sudo checkinstall -D --pkgname=sc3-plugins --pkgversion=1:3.10.3-deviant200109-git --backup=no --install=no --nodoc -y