Tearing of fast action on NVIDIA

So with a brand new setup that includes a GLX/Geforce 1070 graphic card (will I ever be able to abuse all that GPU power?) I was somehow dissapointed to find non-uniform flickering, in other words the fast movement of things on screen was tearing. I didn’t prioritize this problem yet, but today I took time to look into it, and the following recipe solved it:

To avoid tearing, there’s a “workaround” – there are two options that seemingly need to be enabled in Xorg/nvidia driver: TripleBuffering and ForceCompositionPipeline (or ForceFullCompositionPipeline). My /etc/X11/xorg.com now contains the following in the “Screen” section:

To find out what is your screens layout, you can do

Also, if you want to fix tearing temporarily without changing any configuration files, use this command with something like that:

Supposedly forcing composition pipeline is causing some degradation in quality/speed in games.