Ubuntu Studio 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) on ThinkPad X220

I went and installed a fresh install from the USB: first I downloaded a DVD image of Ubuntu Studio 14.04.1 and then used UNetBootin to create a bootable USB stick. I was able to boot into live version (Try Ubuntu Studio without installing) and then installed directly from that session.

I was able to shrink the root partition from existing install (also Ubuntu Studio, 12.04) which was 28 GB into 14GB and that left me with new 14GB space for a new install. This way I could dual boot and boot back into old system in case of emergency.

After install I had a problem connecting to my home WiFi with the default NetworkManager. I’m already used to using WICD network manager, so I booted back into old system and downloaded packages: python-urwid_1.1.1-1build2_amd64.deb, wicd-curses_1.7.2.4-4.1ubuntu1_all.deb, python-wicd_1.7.2.4-4.1ubuntu1_all.deb and wicd-daemon_1.7.2.4-4.1ubuntu1_all.deb into a fresh empty folder, booted back into new system and installed them with

Then you can control your wifi in terminal with wicd-curses

It’s cool to stop NetworkManager (first) and remove it after wicd is working ok (sudo apt-get remove network-manager) and possibly restart wicd with

Window Manager

I use awesome window manager

and enable text-only login by setting in /etc/default/grub:

don’t forget to

start your awesome WM with startx (part of xinit package), with your ~/.xinitrc containing something like

audio setup

a jackd instance in a terminal (jackd -d alsa -d hw:0 -r 44100 -p 512 -n 3 -i 2 -o 2)
pulseaudio (currently not autospawned – echo "autospawn = no" > ~/.pulse/client.conf)
jack-module for pulse audio

in fact a big problem was an old ~/.asoundrc file. once removed, jack was easy to start. jack_control still not behaving right, but i wrote a little script to start jackd and pulseaudio:

jack_pulse.sh, put it in ~/bin and make it executable:

Firewire (using an ExpressCard) sound card (Edirol FA-101) works out of the box. Just use:

Also, EchoAudio Indigo xDJ express-card works out of the box. After pluging it in it’s usually found as hw:1, so:

more system tweaking

Some necessary tools:

I (quite haphazardly by opinion of some) turn of sudo password check, by adding the following into /etc/sudoers file:

Suspend through xfce4-power-manager does not work. the solution with installing pm-utils as per http://askubuntu.com/questions/460101/xfce4-power-manager-suspend-not-available-for-lid-close makes this problem go away. So,

Returning from suspend sometimes makes certain programs lagging in display updates (Chromium browser and Renoise, observed). This can be eliminated by simply switching to text console (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and back to Xorg (Alt+F7).

audio/video stuff

install renoise

install SuperCollider:

Click [Configure] and then [Generate]. You might get some submodules via git (git submodule update, +..)

quirky Pure Data

If your PD patches use [plugin~], nothing will be shown. This can be avoided by starting PD with a unset LANG. This means that before you run pure data (pd-extended), you first do

Gtk grey/green theme is not applied well to all different widgets

the main culprit is the gtk3.
everything is solved if one takes a good theme that includes gtk2 and gtk3 themes, download and extract into ~/.themes/ and creates symlinks like this:

one can fix font size using lxappearance and qt/kde apps using qtconfig

suspending from within LightDM doesn’t work. Reports “No kernel support”

my workaround is not using lightdm at all. i turn it off with wajig stop lightdm and start my awesomeWM session using startx. Fonts seem nicer (more correct to my eyes). I don’t know exactly why is the font different tho. However, this brings some other problems, usually connected to permissions – especially sudden inablity to mount usb keys through nautilus for example (pmount works) and scanning.

Slovene keyboard

My custom slovene/en keyboard layout – see slovenian keyboard layout.

other software checklist


  • dropbox: just apt-get install nautilus-dropbox. It includes an autodownload of dropbox from their site.
  • mega client: mega.co.nz
  • nautilus-open-terminal
  • pidgin
  • skype

    Things to fix:

    * permissions to be able to mount usb keys via nautilus
    * permission to be able to scan