Audiovisual live composition ‘METAL’ originates out of understanding of contemporary world as a mutual interlacement of digital and analogue, discrete and continuous, human and machine-like (non-human), in a movement of the mind without exclusion and polarisation of the pairs. Each object (human and non-human) is a part of the social network of interactions, through which […]

A mute comedy of the body that mocks the rigidity of social roles, human self-sufficiency, pretension. Performativity of the body in the gaps between silence and sound, shyness and excess, commonness and bizarre humour. Travesty of body and spirit as a sociopolitical liberation. Technoburlesque is an intersection of (programme/cybernetic) code and subjectivity; a laying bare […]

  FB event:   19:00 DJ Nova deViator (Elektroblef, Deviant Funk) 20:00 Freeverse (Filter) 21:00 Madamdub (Dubomb Crew Maribor) 20:00 Leemajik LIVE 23:00 Nina Dragičević – Nibeye Založba Kamizdat v sodelovanju z Radiem Študent in Pritličjem predstavlja glasbeni dogodek ob izidu spletne kompilacije posvečeni spletnim založbam prav na dan “Netlabel Day”. | […]