Reid Speed: EDM vs. Underground

Music is for everyone, but the unique thing we sought to create with dance music was a dark yet vibrant space where artists and punters alike were free to create and express their souls without judgement, a place to change the discussion, not regurgitate the same old (often negative and empty) stereotypes. The experience itself was the star, the magic happened in the symbiosis between DJ or artist and the dancers who came to create their own self-expressions in response to this flow of love. Only those who were really good – DJs, producers, and promoters- MAYBE got to profit off their talents (maybe not, but profit was never the motive). Only people doing real work got what little money there was. Sure, there were sketchy raves thrown by shady promoters whose lineups didn’t deliver.No underground is without flaw. But the majority of the scene was there for the pure joy and love the music brought us. Today, many a festival has traded this authentic experience for a commodity that can be purchased, consumed, and discarded with about as much thought as a we give a plastic water bottle. And sure, most underground cultures historically have been co-opted in similar manners. But the scene we built was not a corporate cash cow for an elite business class who profited handsomely at the expense of the skilled but less-well-marketed. It was a true supply and demand culture of talent and appreciation. I firmly believe real artists deserve to make a fair living off their art.But when so much of “what sells” in EDM today is just marketing at work, and when what is being sold is often not even made by the person who collects the paycheck for maybe not even really playing the show, we have a serious disconnect at play. Do YOU really want that? Do YOU really want to see more ghost-produced button pushers winning because they have the biggest marketing budget? Or would you prefer to see authentic artists reaping the benefits of their talents? The choice is ours.”

Reid Speed Perfectly Sums Up The EDM vs. Underground Debate With One Image