almost there, almost albatross



Friends, I hope this update finds you well!

Where am I, where are we? Well, in all honesty, I’m on a summer vacation on the croatian seaside. It’s really lovely out here – a lot of sun, lots of swimming in the (very warm and clear) sea, staying in the house very close to the beach but still near the tiny forest with many birds – kinda overwhelmingly idilic. And … I have brought work with me. That’s not a very smart move, but I really wanted to finish the Albatross project – the EP and the video. And it goes hand in hand with a really strong desire of mine to pick up on speed via patronage using Patreon. Thus, my days are a mixture of swimming time with our dog in the mornings and evenings – when the sun is not scorchingly hot, then cooking tasty veggies, sometimes mussels and fish for friends and family, and sifting through video material, corresponding via email with my little helpers like an illustrator from Pittsburg, a designer from Zagreb and a mastering engineer from Ljubljana, and, uh, writing Patreon updates. :)

So, developments since last week:

Masters are done! Igor (good friend and awesome sound engineer and producer also known as BeatMyth) has uploaded finished mastered tracks and they sound great! At least on my poor old hi-fi here and a phone sound-box. I will be uploading them to Bandcamp tonight and he will prepare the CD-master which will go in duplication into a small run of about 50 CDRs.

I’m also at the end of (remote) creative process with the illustrator who is working on cover art. Our Kamizdat designer Tina Ivezić is ready (also in her summer [working] residency on the, yes, you guessed it, Croatian seaside!) to transform the illustration into finished design for the webcover and CD packaging.

I think the packaging if the CDR will be something special. It’s basicaly a simple wrap of the CD into a piece of a harder paper, but it’s done in a slightly more clever and rarely-seen way. Just wait for it.

And then the video, oh, the video! I’m so slow with getting it done, but it’s getting there. It’s getting there! I’m now on the crossroads to decide to edit it onto a faster, uptempo, longer and repetitive track (that was the idea until now), or on top of a shorter, but emotional and more dynamic one (seems like a better idea now). And this has to be finished very soon. It will be finished soon! Keep fingers crossed for me. :) You can see a short excerpt with very raw editing here above!

Until next week, which will be final update before the release and quite surely packed with some early access goodies!

Thank you for your support, friends & patrons!

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