Capital has motion, necessities, a life of its own

The problem is not the greed of individual capitalists (though they are greedy). It’s structural. Capitalists are merely social agents who fill positions that are required and generated by capital as it reproduces itself. Capital has motion, necessities, a life of its own. Capitalists, the stewards or servants of capital, are compelled to maximize surplus value by whatever means necessary. Capitalism is currently facing a convergence of crises: of overproduction, financial instability, and ecological catastrophe. Yet they can’t ease up on production, but continue to forge ahead. It reaches such irrational proportions that in China, there are 12-24 massive cities built each year that have no people living in them At the same time, not coincidentally, 80% of that country’s rivers no longer support aquatic life.

▶ China's real estate bubble – YouTube.