granular synthesis

Modell 5 – Granular Synthesis

Kurt Hentschlaeger und Ulf Langheinrich have been working together as Granular-Synthesis since 1991

“from a few expressions on the face of the performer Akemi Takeya to a frenzied exploration of the alter ego, any known context of meaning ends in the dissolved movements, is stalled in denaturalized redundancy, in machine pain. The semantic void is too loud to be amenable to meditative reception. The frontal images, the rhythmic structures generate contradictory emotions and great strain. Entertainment is offered and almost violently denied. At the highest level of energy, enjoyment reaches the limit.” Sample session performed by Akemi Takeya. Edited on various AVID Suites in England and Austria between 1994-96.
Produced by: Mike Stubbs, at HTBA (Hull Time Based Arts) in Hull England.
Co-produced by PYRAMEDIA Vienna.


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