Granular synthesis in SC

This morning I started to work on a granular machine in SuperCollider. This is what I got so far:

lucky outtakes album

I’m working on a some kind of outtakes release with material from the process of creating music for Matija Ferlin’s “Sad Sam Lucky” performance which premiered last month in Zagreb, Croatia and a week later in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is going to have a world premiere on Paris this month. The leftover material feels to me as quite powerful, but seems to fall into two extreme groups: long, emotional harmonic content, and quite harsh agressive noise material. At the moment I’m looking at it (listening) as a flow that jumps from one extreme to the other with abrupt cuts. However I’m not sure if it works well like this. The idea that I’m most inclined to at the moment is to create two releases – “ambiental/harmonic” one, and a noise one. Soon something comes out of it.