A Club Called Rhonda, sex-positive, queer-friendly, multiethnic

Both of them felt there was a need in LA for what Granic calls, “a safe place for the deviants, a place where gay and straight nightlife wasn’t so compartmentalized but instead encouraged to mingle.” For Alexander, ACCR is neither a gay club nor a straight club nor even a bisexual club, but rather, “all that and more; it’s a place where you can go to shed those labels and break down those walls in the interest of having a good time.” There’s a real effort to make a mess of neat sexual identities and create something more fluid. “Everybody is an opportunity,” Alexander says.

This isn’t to say that there weren’t challenges in creating an event where partygoers can feel comfortable playing with their sexual identities. “We’ve had to deal with some issues regarding gender and sexuality in the club before,” says Alexander. “When you go into a new venue and start working with a new security team, there always has to be a very clear conversation about the fact that anything goes. There is no dress code, no judgment and absolutely no violence allowed.”

— Gregory Alexander and Loren Granic on A Club Called Rhonda that has been going strong in Los Angeles since about 2008, functioning as a sex-positive, queer-friendly, multiethnic monthly event devoted to what its organizers call “polysexual hard partying.” via RA: An alternate history of sexuality in club culture.