Requiem for No Future

Requiem for No Future is an improvised composition, a sonic art situation created specifically for Art’s Birthday 2018. Luka Prinčič, author of 3-part composition “Requiem for The Future” produced for the visual performance with the same title created by Maja Smrekar in 2016, joins forces with a young upcoming musician Urška Preis also known as “rouge-ah” on electric harp and laptop, and Maja Smrekar advising on text and conceptual nuances in a live 1-hour situation of improvisation and composition.

The event, which will be streamed live on the internet in full, is based on the composition and Smrekar’s performance from 2016, but derives from it by taking it apart and partially reconstructing it through a specific critical media art lens. At its input it processeses theoretical undercurrents, contemporary socio-political situation and subjective poetic responses from all sides to arrive at a multi-layered mass of oscilations from lowercase sonics via harmonic manipulations and excursions from low drone to angelic melodies and textual interventions all the way to massive intensity of pulses, rhythms and noise-phrases. The event will take place in a newly established space “osmo|za” on the 8th floor at the very centre of Ljubljana, where prominent art & science organisations (Ljudmila – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, Zavod Projekt Atol, and Zavod DELAK) now live and work.

Urška Preis is a musican, harp player and visual artist. She studied at Ljubljana conservatory for music and ballet, Academy for Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, Listaháskóli Íslands in Reykjavík, and Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. She is part of a duet II/III (two through three) together with electronic music producer Tine Vrabič – Nitz. As a solo musician she started out on the Leipzig avant-sound scene and since played in Berlin, Bamberg, Copenhagen, Ljubljana and Reykjavík. Her debut album is forthcoming at Prinčič’s netlabel Kamizdat in spring 2018.

Maja Smrekar graduated in 2005 at the Sculpture Department of Fine Art and Design Academy in collaboration with the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and holds Master of Arts in New Media since 2016. Leading different collaborators, composing artistic concepts and participating in their realizations, her professional aim is to communicate the crosssections of art and science to the broad public through a plethora of interactive installations, performances, workshops, lectures and texts as their outcomes. In 2017 she won the Prix Ars Electronica 2017 in Hybrid Art – Golden Nica. Maja Smrekar lives and works between Ljubljana, Slovenia and Berlin, Germany.

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