Granular synthesis in SC

This morning I started to work on a granular machine in SuperCollider. This is what I got so far:

Interface Fractures III: Silicon log #1

These days I started some work on a new chapter of my audio-visual series called “Interface Fractures”.

Bought a new graphic card – Nvidia-based GTX960.
Also a fullHD multitouch screen is here for exploitation in next couple of years.

SuperCollider for multitouch

Somebody (Scott Cazan) on the supercollider-users list mentioned a fork of SuperCollider with multitouch support (which will be included in main with 3.8 release). I cloned git fork from Cazan’s github, installed build dependencies, couple of twiddles, and compilation went through.


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saturday supercolliding

Today I worked more on a piece of code that should get up basic functionality of SenseStage/DataNetwork. With some nice help from Marije I’m now this far in SuperCollider:

I still have (more and more) questions. It’s funny, as you progress in slowly becoming familiar with language things keep on popping out, questions that are most of the time in the form of “why this doesn’t work? it should work, but it doesn’t!”

For example, if i write “~variable” what exactly does it mean? It seems to be some kind of global variable, according to SC docs?